Ryan T. Smith

I’m a West Virginia native that came to Charlotte to work in the Corporate and Investment Bank. After a couple years, I broke off and started the firm. I focus on DWI/DUI defense, as well as other criminal offenses. My other passion is helping families in high-stress Guardianship/Incompetency cases.

I love competition, I love being a trial lawyer, and I wouldn’t do anything else.  RTS Law Group has a Softball and Basketball team in the Lawyer League. I’m on the Sports Committee and I’m the commissioner of the Mecklenburg County Bar Lawyer Basketball League. In addition to recruiting highly talented attorneys to join the firm, we’re also looking for athletic attorneys to join our sports teams.

More personally, I was voted on Law Review my Law Review Article was picked to be published.  I love to travel, having lived in Spain and Brazil, and having traveled to many other countries.  During my younger days I was Charlotte’s Top 30 Under 30.

In January of 2015, I was listed in the “Top Lawyers” publication by Business North Carolina.  I was recently voted as the 2016 Criminal Law Attorney winner in North Carolina.  I’m known as the DWI Guy and I fully own it.  It’s what I do.

My family also lives in Charlotte and some of them work at the firm.  I’m looking forward to fighting for both you and your family.