DUI/DWI Defense

Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), referred to in North Carolina as driving while impaired (DWI), is an offense prosecutors take seriously and vigorously prosecute. Just being charged may have consequences, such as loss of your job, your reputation and it may be a factor if you are a parent involved in child custody or visitation litigation.

The penalties if you are convicted can be harsh, including jail time, a hefty fine, loss of your driver’s license, referral to alcohol rehabilitation counseling, installation of an automatic interlocking device on your car and more. Your insurance rates will likely skyrocket. State law has different penalty levels depending on aggravating or mitigating factors. You could possibly be sent to prison for a long period of time.

With so much at risk, you need the services of an experienced DWI defense attorney who will stand up to the prosecution’s vigorous attempt to convict you with equally serious and aggressive legal representation for your defense.

Ryan T. Smith with the RTS Law Group Has the Experience You Need to Fight the Charges

Mecklenburg DWI/DUI Attorneys
Ryan T. Smith has years of experience with a track record of success in defending his clients on DWI charges. If you become his client, he will give you the personal attention necessary in order to fully understand your case. He will review every aspect of your arrest, without judgment, and determine if there are valid reasons to question the constitutionality of the initial stop. He will also determine if there is cause to challenge the validity of field sobriety or blood alcohol content (BAC) tests.

If you refused consent to a BAC, your license may automatically be suspended.  Under the implied consent law of North Carolina, by obtaining a driver’s license, you impliedly consent to submit to a BAC when an officer stops you and has a reasonable suspicion that you are driving while impaired. You are entitled to an administrative hearing to fight the suspension.

Call Attorney Ryan T. Smith, managing attorney at RTS Law Group at (704) 552-4444. His office is in Charlotte and he serves residents throughout the entire state of North Carolina. His goal is to minimize the consequences of the charges to both your personal and professional life that come with DWI charges and conviction.

He is proud to be known as “The DWI Guy” and has the experience you need to have on your side. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation. He will evaluate the circumstances of your case and provide you an honest assessment, including what you can expect the outcome to be, the chances of winning your case, and discuss with you the best way to proceed.